About Us

Who we are

Qato Capital is an Australian based funds management group backed by single family office, Larkfield Funds Management.

The Investment team has worked together running the Qato model for over 9 years, with the combined investment experience within the group of over 50 years.

Risk mitigation and capital preservation are core values at Qato Capital. These are supported through our partnership with Tier One providers across it’s business to build an institutional grade infrastructure.

Our Philosophy and Investment Process

We believe the best investors across the world apply their investment strategies consistently. At Qato we have taken this belief literally and have converted traditional fundamental catalysts and trading philosophies into a quantitative model underpinned by our proprietary ‘Q-Score’ methodology. The ‘Q-Score’ process is fundamentally based, evaluating improving and deteriorating fundamentals within individual companies from a variety of financial metrics, such as valuation, growth, risk, quality, earnings and price.

We believe a key strength of Qato’s ‘Q-Score’ methodology is that it is entirely rules-based, focusing on fundamental factors in an objective manner throughout the cycle. History has proved that fundamentals will time and time again hold true. Qato’s objective process eliminates decisions driven by emotion, indiscipline, passion, greed and fear.

Objective > Consistent > Replicable